Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rullo Hard Mount Riser Bushings for 1983-up Harley Touring Models

If you have installed, or are planning to install, apehangers or other tall bars on your Harley touring model, Rullo Custom Cycles has the riser bushings that you will need to keep your risers from having excess movement.

Far to often, we have had customers' baggers come in with tall handlebars and have way to much play in the risers. It gives an unstable feeling when riding and can be dangerous. Polyurethane riser bushings may help in some cases, but we have found that they are still too soft of a compound to eliminate movement when leverage is increased with taller bars.

We machine our Hard Mount Riser Bushings right in our shop in Exton, PA. The 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum that we use will eliminate unwanted slop in your risers whenever you install tall handlebars. This specific set of Hardmount Riser Bushings is designed for 1983-2017 Harley touring models like the Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Street Glide, and Ultra models.

We have had customers ask about vibration absorption in regard to hard-mounting the risers on the touring models. What we have found is that the vibration felt in comparison to the rubber bushings that Harley uses from the factory, is negligible. In fact, we have had customers tell us that they notice it less at various RPM ranges when cruising.

If you want to eliminate the excess movement on your Harley touring bike you can find our solution at the following link on our website:

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-Steve Rullo

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  1. I am not a biker but if it is so good and safe I think bikers should opt for it. If you have customers who have installed these in their bikes then it would be great if you'd add their testimonials too.