Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rullo Custom Cycles Stealth Gas Caps - Pop Up Paintable Flush Mount Weld in Gas Cap Kit

The Rullo Custom Cycles Stealth Gas Cap is manufactured in-house at Rullo Custom Cycles in Exton, PA. We use all top-quality USA materials for the gas cap kit to ensure a high end product, but with a reasonable price tag.

We have installed the Stealth Gas Cap Kit in dozens of motorcycle and chopper gas tanks. However, many custom car and truck builders use our Stealth Gas Cap Kit for their custom projects, installing these in truck bed rails, door jambs, and many other hidden locations.

We manufacture a superior product to many of the other gas caps out there, featuring an all aluminum threaded body and cap assembly where others use a plastic threaded body. Additionally we use high quality cold-rolled 1018 steel for the weld in bung, CNC machine it, and then tumble it to remove any sharp edges. The design of the bung allows for easy welding and the smaller diameter at the bottom of the bung allows for fuel hose to attach for a host of applications. Contact us with any questions or check out the Stealth Gas Cap Kit or its little brother the Mini Stealth Gas Cap Kit.

Look for our installation best practices article to follow shortly!

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  1. The work and words look promising. I will definitely refer you to people who are looking for customized cycle parts and caps. Till that while, keep posting!