Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How To Convert 1952-1981 Harley Sportster Neck from 7/8" to 1" Stem, Narrow Glide to Wide Glide or Aftermarket Springer!

Do you want to install a wide glide front end or an aftermarket springer front end on your 1952-81 Harley Sportster? 

The Ironhead frame was designed to run the narrow glide frontend, a 7/8" fork stem, and had roller bearings all of which are not going to work with a wide glide front end or aftermarket springer. After running into this issue on several builds, we designed a conversion kit that solves all of the issues involved with the wide glide install.
The Rullo Custom Cycles Ironhead Sportster Narrrow Glide to Wide Glide Neck Cup Conversion Kit is the solution that you need if your build involves the Sportster model years aforementioned with any Harley or aftermarket wide glide front end. We have used this kit with DNA Springer front ends, Harley big twin wide glide front ends, and aftermarket wide glide front ends to solve the issue of switching from a 7/8" diameter steering stem to a 1" diameter steering stem. Additionally, we correctly compensate for the difference in overall distance between the lower and upper triple trees by increasing the thickness of the neck cup material. Lastly, our neck cup design allows for the use of big twin style tapered neck bearings which we include with this kit. We even install the bearing races to make the conversion as easy as possible.
Be sure to make this kit yours if you are converting your Harley Sportster!


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