Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rullo Custom Cycles fabricators' handlebar riser inserts

Rullo Custom Cycles Handlebar Riser Inserts

This is a set of our handlebar riser inserts designed to speed up the process of fabricating your own T-bars or other bars with fixed riser sections. These inserts are CNC machined in-house from cold rolled solid steel with an outside diameter of .75" to go inside of 1" tube steel with .125" wall thickness. This particular set is tapped for 1/2"-13 hardware. Need these? Check them out Handlebar Riser Bungs.

We designed these for fabricators here in our shop to eliminate the redundant simple parts that we needed to make on a regular basis by hand. We are happy to share these with other shops, professional fabricators, and garage builders. Check out more of our Rullo Custom Cycles brand parts.

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