Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rullo Custom Cycles Parts Made in the USA

Rullo Custom Cycles has been doing custom builds and fabrication for twelve years. Over this time we have taken note of which fabrication parts that we make on a regular basis, and have developed our own line of parts for fabricators that we are now running in production. Check out our Chopper Parts if you are a home or professional bike builder, doing some custom modifications, or otherwise in need of some pre-made fabrication parts that will speed up your process. Let's be honest, no one will know of you drilled and tapped a piece of bar for your own weld-in bung. We can provide you with that part so that you can get your tank mounted, fuel sight gauge installed, or whatever project you're working on moving quickly.

One major determination that we made years back was that our parts would be made in the USA. We see a lot of competitors going the route of having parts manufactured in Taiwan or other countries. There is definitely financial advantages to doing that for those competitors, but we being proud Americans feel that Rullo Custom Cycles brand products need to Made in the USA. That is not to slight other companies that offer fine products made overseas, it is just our preference to maintain production in the USA. All of our parts are made in-house just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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