Saturday, January 17, 2015

Do I need a repair manual for my bike?

We are strong proponents of Knowledge at Rullo Custom Cycles. Many of our customers are the do-it-myself type, and we support them. On the other hand, we have quite a few customers that just want to ride, and leave the wrenching to us. Then there is the middle-of-the-road customer that will attempt to do repairs, upgrades, or customization on his or her own, and may or may not have the knowledge of how to complete the task properly. If this is you, please read on. Oh, and if you know everything please read on as well.

The bottom line when it comes to repairing your motorcycle, or anything for that matter, is you need to know how to safely do the repair! For example, when you are cruising your bike at highway speed it's a bad time to find out that you did not torque your axle to the proper manufacturer's specification. Trust me, we've seen some bikes that we were amazed made it up to our shop with the "repairs" that were performed on them. Rider safety is the most important thing, and knowledge to properly maintain, repair, or customize your motorcycle is paramount.

The most important, relatively inexpensive accessory you can purchase with your motorcycle is a good repair manual. Invest in your knowledge! Most manufacturers will include only an owner's manual with your motorcycle when it is brand new. If you purchased your motorcycle second-hand or later, it is likely that a previous owner had misplaced that owner's manual. An owner's manual can give you basic information on the motorcycle, and if you are relying on a motorcycle shop to take care of your maintenance and repairs that may suffice. If you are planning on doing any maintenance, repairs, or customization buy yourself a repair manual. We have many available at our Rullo Custom Cycles Manuals page.

I have heard every excuse of why someone doesn't need a repair manual. I can respond to every excuse quickly:
  • No, you don't know one does.
  • No, you cannot "tell" how tight something is by feel and accurately meet a torque specification.
  • What you read on the internet is not always true, I suggest you consider reliable sources.
  • The few dollars that you spend on the repair manual will save you considerable time and headache when you use it.
I could keep going, but you should get the idea. Purchase yourself the specific repair manual for your motorcycle, it's a great investment.

-Steve Rullo

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