Monday, January 12, 2015

Do I need Dimpled, Pre-82 non dimpled, or drilled and slotted handlebars for my motorcycle?

If you are searching the internet, Ebay, and other places for new handlebars for your bike, you have probably seen the terms, pre-82 style, smooth, non-dimpled, dimpled, and drilled/slotted. If you are unsure of what you need and what these mean, you're not alone. We get questions on this routinely and know of many people that have purchased the wrong bars for their application.

There are 3 types of bars typically designed for Harley Davidson applications. The differences are determined by the year of the switch housings for the bike and by whether you wish to run wiring for switch housings inside the handlebars or outside the handlebars.

Pre-82 style, smooth, and non-dimpled are referring to the same handlebar style (example pic above). They have no holes, no dimples, and are the simplest setup. If you have Harley controls that are 1981 or older this is the proper setup for you. If you are not running any switches or switch housings on your handlebars, this is what you need. Additionally, these are typically the selection you need if you plan on putting these on anything other than a Harley Davidson. Modifications may be necessary if you have anything other than a Harley Davidson.

Dimpled style bars have "crushed" sections of the handlebars to allow external wiring to enter stock housings for Harley models 1982 and up (example pic above). This is typically the only application for this version of handlebars. Some of these bars will have additional holes drilled for wire clamps, but not all of this style will.

Drilled and slotted handlebars are for internally wired applications (example pic above). This version has a slot located at the bottom for wiring to enter the handlebars. There are drilled holes located where switch housings are located to allow for the internal wiring to exit the bars. The drilled and slotted handlebars are used for late model Harley Davidsons. These can be used for early style where internal wiring is preferred and for other brand applications. This is the ultimately the "cleanest" look, but additional time is necessary to pull wiring through the bars. Check out our Handlebars and of course let us know if you have any questions. Rullo Custom Cycles-Everything for your motorcycle!

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